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South stone unlocked

South stone unlocked

South stone unlocked

To all you liberandus and ricebags, mullas Yeh to ek jhaki hai 2019 abhi baki hai

This is a warning to you AIB ... Try all you want Modi ji will remain till 2031
Bharatiya Janata
make some good videos now. seems TVF is new BJP and you are congress.

Are ab to aur Anti-Modi meme/video banana padega. Karnataka wale logo pe asar nahi hua itna.... Ab to aadhar link karwa lo.

Indian evm ko america me le jaa k chunaav karwa lo..... Waha bhi Bjp hi jitegi.

Never gonna get kerala

Wait wait If congress and JDS forms a cooperation BJP becomes suckers

I've always been ambitious since I was nine years old and that was never going to change.

- Katy Perry

Aise hi lagta hai!


Sabko mile aise Maa-Baap!


This is hilarious!

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Kya kar loge?

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