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#SalmanKhan #Race3

#SalmanKhan #Race3

#SalmanKhan #Race3

Bhai or Bhai k fans BC bhai paad bhi de to sale sungh k bolenge Kya swaad paada hai bhai ne

No one can replace the Stardom of Saif ali khan in Race series. . Action to karloge #Expression ka kya karoge??

At least these scenes are better than that car flying across 3 towers in Dubai (fast and furious series) if you appreciate and go crazy about those scenes but you dislike this scene.. I'm sorry but ussi ko double standards bolte…

Omg fir se first cmment Salman khan is the best always

Wow..Salman is best...gud human being

Race 3 treaser is awsome the most awaited film this year is john abrhim starrer parmanu..its to good movie..

How in earth would u handle the force of rocket with hands??

slman khan is best great actor in bollywood

Simply by not owning three medium-sized castles in Tuscany I have saved enough money in the last forty years on insurance premiums alone to buy a medium-sized castle in Tuscany.

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Kyun hila daala na?

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Funny Images


Funny Images

South stone unlocked

Aise hi lagta hai!


Sabko mile aise Maa-Baap!