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Funny Images

I juz want to know who created this meme

Biggest liar in the history of mankind....!!!

Just google " world's biggest criminal " . I hope you will get your answer admin..... But that's a request please don't spread these rumors..... Rather spread awareness which will help to develop this country....

yup. he is the reason why india is developing day after day..

Best PM in the entire world PM Modi sir

No matter what you say, no matter how much you try to pull him down Modi sir is still the king

Brett lee ,shoaib akhter, dale steyn or kyi bowler lad rhe the ki m sbse tez fenkta hu.,,,,,modi was smiling standing in corner

Modi offering 100 cr. to each cong MLA.. to join them in forming majority And u think he didn't do any corruption... Well hatss off to your godi media thinking

Biggest fraud minister in the world

15 lakh kidhder hai? US embassy had denied him visa don’t forget that and that was due to a reason.

Admin u should watch doremon bcoz ur knowledge is zero he is a criminal even usa didn't gave him visa before him becoming pm of india because of 2002 killings and other cases

Biggest joke of the year

Social media is the only place where unsuccessful people trolled successful people…

admin chutiyaa.....wht abt gujrat riots?..wht abt communal violence?...i think modi's chitiyapaa has affected u a lot..

Guyzzz why r u all fighting and arguing with each other... It is #Laughing_Color's news.. Laughing colors makes us laugh everytime.. So just enjoy this joke and Laugh Loudly

But Terrorist Tag will never get away from him...

He is first MA pass prime minister who says he is 8th pass. That level of simplicity he has. Haters of Modi would abuse me.

Ofcource there cant be any case of corruption upon him...coz what he is doing is beyond and next level of corruption, goggle is still searching the correct word to name it.

Iska so called "Mehul bhai" Vijay Mallya Nirav Modi ye to iske damad hai jo inko bhga diya .. or iski policies kisi Corruption se km nhe h BC...

4,300 crore ka advertisement kr diya bjp ka.. Vo bhi hum logo k Diye huye paiso se.. Or Kon bola ki koi criminal case nhi h.. United Nations k pas sab k criminal records h.. Or esliye India ko foreign policy nhi mil rhi h..

He is a feku after becoming prime minister Only two things he as done Freely roaming around world Rally in India at the election in over india

To people saying ..mullahs and maulanas.. I am a bramhin but still I find not even a single reason to like MODI. Parrikar is the only responsible leader in bjp.

What about petrol prices…

My second grade teacher told me I would never graduate high school. That I was going to be a juvenile delinquent.

- Miles Teller

Ek dum sahin!

Inka time shuru!

This is beautiful gesture!

#SalmanKhan #Race3

Kyun hila daala na?

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Funny Images