Digital Smile Design

Best Smile Makeover Apps – 2020

Digital smile design is a digital mode that helps us to create and project the new smile design by attaining a simulation and pre-visualization of the ultimate result of the proposed treatment. A design created digitally involves the participation of the patients on the designing process of their self-smile design, leading to the customization of smile design as per individual needs and desires that complements with the morpho psychological characteristics of the patient, relating patient to an emotional level, increasing their confidence in the process and better acceptance of the anticipated treatment.Lets check the the Best Smile Makeover Apps / Digital Smile Design Apps

List of Best Smile Makeover Softwares 2D & 3D

  1. DTS PRO — Dental Treatment Simulation PRO
  2. Smile Designer Pro
  3. DSD App — Digital Smile Design App by Coachman
  4. Planmeca Romexis
  5. 3Shape Smile Design (3D)
  6. VisagiSMile
  7. IvoSmile App
  8. Cerec (3D)
  9. NemoDSD (3D)
  10. Exocad DentalCAD (3D)

Artificial Intelligence in dentistry has arrived! Show patients the photo-realistic simulation of their future smile within minutes. Watch this short video to take a look at how it works

Generates smile simulations within minutes for the patients to pre-visualize the proposed treatment changes on their own smile, right at the start of treatment.

However, also non-specific programs, like Photoshop or Keynote, could be adapted by dentists and dental professionals as DSD programs.